There are customers in the Japanese market who are waiting for exciting and innovative products.  Let’s challenge together!

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Annual Business

Overseas sales

We have contracts with small and medium-sized Japanese manufacturers and sell products on Amazon, eBay and e-commerce sites.

Internet sales of overseas products

We carry about 200,000 products from around the world and sell them on Amazon, Yahoo Shopping and e-commerce sites.

Import general store

We also operate a brick-and-mortar store for imported products in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

- Test Marketing to General Sales

Can you let us introduce your product in Japan?


Crowdfunding Test Marketing


General Sales

Sales Channel 1

Offline distribution Channels

Sales Channel 2

Online Retailing Channels​

Sales Channel 3

Trade Show Promotion​

Sales Channel 4

BtoB wholesale​

- Crowdfunding



Our Team

Yusuke Okoshi / CEO

Kazuma Hayashi / Partner